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SEO Campaign Overview

Your SEO campaign will boost traffic to your website via organic search using SEO techniques. You will receive a monthly website analytics report and recommendations for improving the website's overall SEO score.

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The Website Will Gain:

  • SEO "START UP" PACKAGE (Before site is launched - 5 hours, based on the amount of content)
  • setting up Google Analytics & Search Console
  • research & implementation of keywords/phrases - a list of 10-20 (client input appreciated)
  • on-page SEO optimization using Yoast for meta data configuration, implementation of multiple me-ta keywords, internal linking, and alt tags
  • SEO CAMPAIGN SETUP (1st Month of Campaign)
  • SEO Audit using MOZ and SEMrush
  • research & competitor analysis
  • focusing on client's goals in terms of feedback - getting people to call, fill out form, newsletter sign up, etc.
  • updating local business listings

How Do You Get Ranked High On Google?

It takes many steps to rank high on Google. We make sure that each step is completed before we launch your website. While your website is being constructed we follow a check list that includes on-site SEO, responsive design, meta tags, title tags, security, google webmaster tools. We ensure that your content has the correct keywords. Each one of these steps need to be implemented correctly in order for your website to rank as high as possible.

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Does My Website Content Impact My Rankings?

Yes! The content on your website makes a big difference on your Google ranking. When Google crawls your website, it reads the actual content on your site. Your content needs to be organized correctly and should be infused with the most relevant keywords that have the highest search volume. What works best is well organized content that is hyper focused to each page.

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