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Offering Discounts To Help Business Owners Who Server Our Country

My family has many family members that have served this country. My grandfather served in World War II, and was part of the liberation of Normandy. The picture below is a certificate of appreciation from Jean-Pierre Masseret (French Senate) and René Garrec (French Senate), which was received in 2010. My Father served in the Army, and my uncle served in the Army. I also have many friends that are either in the military, serve as police officers or fire fighters. Having known this many people serving our country in many ways, I wanted to do something for people like them everywhere.

Mandile Web Design is now offering a 15% discount to all active military, veterans, police, fire, first responders and their immediate family. We are happy to offer this discount to help support new and existing or new businesses, which help support their families. A website is now a major part of your business and we can help you gain a professional presence online. If you have a website we can help with offering you SEO services, graphic design and website maintenance.

Please view the list on the right, which will tell you how you qualify. Contact us today so we can start to help you.

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Proof of Service Accepted

.mil email address
Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
DD214 Form
Discharge Paperwork
Driver’s License with Veterans Designation
Military ID Card
Veterans Organization Card (e.g. American Legion or VFW)
Photo in Uniform
Wearing Uniform
Police ID Card
Fire ID Card

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Christina Noonan

Hiring Mandile Web Design was one of the best business decisions I could have possibly made. He and his team were efficient, creative, and incredibly easy to work with. I can't thank he and his team enough!

Noonan Acupuncture / Christina Noonan, Acupuncturist/Owner
Jason Mavor

They updated my website to handle the newer tech and mobile. Additionally, he went the extra mile when we were having problems and solved them quickly & efficiently. You should really do yourself a favor and have your web site done here.

Mavor Chiropractic / Jason Mavor, Owner
Steve Higgins

The greatest thing about Mandile Web Design is how they actually listen to what you want and then design it. I also love how easy the software is to use and to update. And I can do it myself!

Outer Limits / Steve Higgins, Owner

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